Centre-based Environmental Education Programme

At the heart of the Lapalala Wilderness School offering is our three- to five-day centre-based Environmental Education (EE) Programme. This formal learning experience caters for children and young adults from all cultural and economic backgrounds and is attended by an average of 3 000 learners per year, most of whom are introduced to the programme by our local partner communities.

The EE programme offers a great variety of activities customised to the grade and age of the learners in each group. All the activities have an educational foundation and support the relevant school curricula. Led by experienced staff who believe in the life-changing potential of a true nature experience, the programme delivers on its objectives in a way that makes learning interesting, exciting, and fun.

Learning about recycling

The main objectives of the EE programme are as follows:

  • To spark an interest in, and passion for, the natural world and the conservation of biodiversity.
  • To share and impart knowledge relating to local and global environmental issues and sustainable living.
  • To demonstrate how individuals can have a positive impact on the environment through increased awareness, as well as  lifestyle and behavioural changes.
  • To build a team spirit and nurture leadership skills.
  • To cultivate an appreciation of, and respect for, a pristine wilderness environment.