Outreach Programme

As part of our commitment to raising awareness of the benefits of environmental sustainability amongst our surrounding rural communities, Lapalala Wilderness School offers various free programmes for groups of learners from community schools. ’Through the generosity of various donors all accommodation, food, transport and learning activities are provided free of charge to learners from these schools.

Outreach Programme activities typically focus on the further development of Eco-Schools in the area, and give us an opportunity to have ongoing contact with, and provide encouragement and support to, those schools that have been awarded Eco-School flags.

Outreach Programme – Learning about water quality and testing

The main objectives of the Outreach Programme are as follows:

  • To provide intensive ‘hands-on’ EE to rural learners and communities in the Waterberg area.
  • To raise awareness of the importance and value of biodiversity as a cornerstone of community sustainability.
  • To use community-based schools as vehicles to promote attendance at the centre-based EE Programme.
  • To harness the awareness, outreach and marketing possibilities which have arisen through the recent success of the Eco-School programme.