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The Lapalala Wilderness School has a small but dedicated staff complement which plans and runs the programmes, while a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee together oversee the governance and finances of the School.

The board

The Staff



Johannes Monyeki, Brenda Thoka, Sifundile Sibiya

Together, these three knowledgeable and bush-savvy teachers are at the centre of the EE programs. They assume ultimate responsibility for planning and facilitating memorable learning experiences for all the attendees of Lapalala Wilderness School programmes.



Elizabeth Bjalana, Jenica Sebetha, Paulinah Chauke, Anna Tshelane, Lizzy Phago

Our five hospitality pros are responsible for all catering and housekeeping matters, ensuring that our facilities are efficiently maintained and producing appetising meals for all our important guests.



Frans Phago, Stanley Mello

These two capable and experienced individuals are directly responsible for the maintenance of all the School’s facilities and equipment, as well as for keeping the buildings and the grounds in good condition.