Youth Development Programme

Our Youth Development Programme has been designed to identify and mentor young, underprivileged or marginalised individuals with a desire to pursue a career in conservation and/or EE. The programme focuses particularly on black children who live in rural areas in close proximity to the school, and who have previously participated in one of our centre-based EE programmes.

Since its inception, a number of prospective South African ‘conservation champions’ have been afforded the opportunity of a lifetime to gain conservation knowledge and skills to equip them to play a meaningful role in preserving and nurturing South Africa’s rich biodiversity.

The main objectives of the Youth Development Programme are as follows:

  • To identify outstanding learners with the potential to become environmental champions through the learning available on the Youth Development Programme.
  • To pass on knowledge relating to local and global environmental issues.
  • To provide insights and education on the value and importance of sustainable living, and to demonstrate that individuals can have a positive environmental impact through behavioural and lifestyle changes.